It’s that time again.  Time to get out into the yard and deal with all the weeds that have snuck in over the winter.

But while out there, on the second day of clearing out the tiny back yard, I realize that this would have been a lot easier had I simply plucked each weed when I first saw it.  But I was busy with other things.

Our little garden in the back is visible from the kitchen, dining area and family room and we’ve put a lot of hours into it over the last few years.  But I spent so much time and effort on the fancier things I missed the obvious.  The weeds.

From a distance the weeds are nice.  A bright green spreads over what could have been grass, shading what I wanted originally and leaving a giant, prickly, hard to remove and on further inspection, ugly plant.  I didn’t put it there, it found it’s way in when I wasn’t maintaining the grass properly.

So distracted with the BBQ area, patio and rocks, the grass went ignored even though it serves as the backbone of the yard.  The grass is a nice thing to look at from the bedroom window as the laundry dries on the line.  The kids play in the grass.  It cushions their landings from the slide and is nice to put your toes in on a hot afternoon.

But there’s so much upkeep with grass.

I wish I could go back and tell myself that the extra time and effort in keeping the weeds out would be worth it in the long run.  These weeds are of all different sizes and shapes and are a pain to remove.

And now, with them gone, the yard looks horrible both up close and from a distance.  It won’t be easy to fill the holes they left, dead grass underneath, but I know that with time, and tending, it will grow back strong and beautiful.

But still a part of me says it’s easier to leave the weeds and look at the fancy things in the yard, ignoring the largest thing in the yard and the thing that brings us the most joy in the spring, summer and fall.

All the fountains, BBQs, rocks and other distractions can’t hide a weed ridden yard, no matter how shiny or expensive they are.

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