An accident between an ambulance and a police car left the police car driver in the hospital and the ambulance crew recovering from minor injuries.

The initial investigation shows they were responding to separate incidents and that the ambulance had the green light.  All those things aside, I’m glad everyone is OK, considering the police car driver had to be extricated.

Police car drivers are given training to respond with lights and sirens, as are EMS personnel, and if the investigation holds, I wonder if the police car driver will be cited with failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, as EMTs and Paramedics are from time to time when they are the ones at fault.

Likely not, but I hope all police car drivers take this story and also a deep breath when responding, as we all should, and come to a complete stop to break an intersection with red light and siren.


Wat’s that you say?

He’s not a police car driver?  How’s it feel to be referred to by only a portion of what you do? MC, I smell a crossover!

We have a tall hill to climb and perhaps we should start with some PSAs for the press.

“The ambulance drivers also were being treated at the hospital, Ramos said.”

Oh, and this lovely nugget:
“Sorrick said the ambulance company is prevented by privacy regulations from providing the names of the injured medical personnel.”

So here’s a HIPAA quiz (Adding information, creating a new scenario) – Does HIPAA prevent the ambulance company from releasing the names of the injured employees if they were not patients?
-Justin Schorr
Fire engine driver / Ambulance driver
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