The voting is over and the fire and EMS blogs of the year have been announced at  But before 2 deserving bloggers, Iron Firemen and AmboDriver accept their Black Diamond X2 Boots I’m jumping to the mic Kanye West style.

“Ambo, Iron, I’m real happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Rescuing Providence is the greatest blog of all time!”

Rescuing Providence is the winner of the first ever “Blogs that made me Happy” Competition which brings with it no awards, no prizes, no sponsorships, no speeches, no nudity and no pesky voting.

Even though each blog nominated on Firecritic’s list is an almost daily read for me, only one is in my reader for instant notification.

Thank you Michael!

And just to round out my Kanye:

“Rhett Fleitz hates tall people.”

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