Alright ramblers, let’s get ramblin’!

EMSToday promises to be another huge success and the folks at JEMS are working hard to make the conference their best ever.

Aside from world class presentations for every level of practitioner, manager and owner/Chief, a giant exhibit floor and the popular JEMS games on Friday night, there are a number of things I’m hoping to see in Baltimore this year.

First for me is the reaction to the brand new Brady/San Francisco Paramedic Association curriculum being debuted pre-conference.  Partnering with Chronicles of EMS producer Thaddeus Setla, the folks that brought you high quality video production for Beyond the lights & Sirens and A Seat at the Table have raised the bar in education media.  Gone are the days of a camera pointed at a lectern passing for multi-media in EMS education.  The team is signed on to complete the entire tract and you’ll likely see it in a classroom near you soon.

While on the exhibit floor, I’m going to check in with the folks at AllMed and see what’s new in uniforms and equipment.  AllMed is the supplier of the dress uniforms for Beyond the Lights & Sirens and they always have something new and exciting in the booth.  And they’re the only vendor I recall that brings a seamstress to hem those new pants right there on the show floor!

A big topic at EMSWorld was ambulance safety and I’ll be asking some tough questions of the manufacturers this year, mostly why they keep putting a little box on the back of a pickup truck and call it an ambulance.

Home this year is exactly that, our little corner of the Zoll booth #3707.  Last year we were added at the last minute and had to carve out a section in front of the closet.  Those who visited remember the crowded feeling and we ended up just standing in the isleway.  Zoll saw the crowds we were bringing in and have actually engineered a separate section of their new floor show just for us.  Come see it, meet Ted Setla and record your own “I am EMS 2.0” video.  While there, get a free CoEMS T-shirt and find out how you can be a part of the new First Responders Network TV channel.  Oops, I’ve said too much.

The show is going to be great and the folks at JEMS will no doubt outdo themselves again.

But what to do when the classes are over and the hall closed?  That leaves the out of conference activities to us!

Here’s your cheat sheet:

Wednesday night-

Pratt Street Ale House – Directly across from the convention center, second floor, the Zoll Pre-Conference Blogger Bash, beginning at 8pm – 11pm.  A non-formal, smaller gathering to get fired up for the opening of the conference.

Thursday night-

Uno’s Chicago Grill – Farther up Pratt street in the Harbor, THIS is the meetup everyone is talking about.  Hosted by FireEMSBlogs this is the gathering that last year garnered the attention of most EMS bloggers, most fire bloggers and a handful of Chiefs who were curious what we were up to.  I know everyone last year just came to meet Mark Glencorse, but this year promises to be another amazing success.  The guys from GoForward Media know how to throw a party and have spent a year planning this event to blow all previous events out of the water.  And considering their events in Indy and Houston last year, the bar is set pretty high.  You’ll need the Zoll Pre-Conference party just to condition yourself for this one I promise you!

Did I miss anything?

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