Each year it seems we are encouraged to write a list, a collection of sins or things about ourselves to improve.
Join a gym, eat healthier, don’t screw up, take a computer class etc etc.

But rarely do these things last more than a few weeks, 2 months tops.

It is important to take this time of year and just relax. The weather keeps us inside where our extended family resides most likely. What a great opportunity to learn the important things in life as opposed to listing your faults.
But we do love our lists. Some of the most popular blogs are about the top 5 Reasons you will die in a Zombie Apocalypse or the 11 foods rotting in your refrigerator.
Lists are clean, easy, numbered and we already know how long it will be from the title.
When most folks sit down to write their new year resolutions, it’s a blank sheet of paper or a new word document on the computer and it seems daunting. I’ve heard stories of folks searching online or asking around to others what their resolutions are and adopting them as their own.
I’ve done it here in this forum. Then a few weeks later they’re forgotten, as if just making the list in the first place is the important thing, on a list of things to do to end the official holiday season.

So for 2011 I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, since it seems to be going pretty well so far.
Look back over 2010 and instead of finding your faults, make a list (see, sounds fun already right?) of three accomplishments, things you are proud of, events from the year you want to celebrate again…and do it.

Celebrate your year instead of setting your new year up for awkward glances at a list you made without knowing why.

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