As was the case last year, I am submitting my field scouting report on the finalists for the Black Diamond Boot Fire and EMS Blog of the Year Contest.

First off, yes, I’m in both categories, which I think splits my votes.  Or does it double them?  I blog 80-90% EMS which matches how much of my firefighter’s job deals with EMS, and, I have a helmet, so there ya’ go.

I have compiled a report to let you in on some important information about the other contestants/nominees in the contests…information I’ll bet you didn’t know.


Iron – Another FireEMSBlogs brother, covering news and events from Roanoke.  The site has a lot of tips on firefighting but I especially like the feel I get when I read the posts…that I’m reading a family photo album.  I guess the site really is a good one.  I have no criticisms to report, perhaps WHOAH! look at the mustache! Ixney on the otevey.’s Curt Varone has been a fireman longer than I’ve been alive and a lawyer for as long as LA Law has been on reruns, but I’m not disqualifying his blog on age…oh no no.  This alleged law site covers all the information on the litigation end of what we do day in and day out. It will be proven to the court that Curt has, on repeated occasion, made me afraid to go to work.  We like to think what we do doesn’t need lawyers and I’m learning we are indeed wrong.  Add him to your reader or you will be held in contempt.  But because he does cite all his arguments and use $10 words, he should be disqualified.  I’m a fireman, I need easy to understand shapes and colors.

Wildfire – While most folks read this site to brush up (HAHA! see what I did there? no?…) on issues pertaining to wild land and urban interface news and tips, I read it to remind me why I stay back and fill in the overtime spots when the strike teams go out.  I can crawl out of a burning building, but crawling out of the forest gets complicated and draws odd looks from passing animals.  Whether you’re a red card back seat, pilot on a tanker or Commander of a SFR Team, Wildfire Today is a must read.  But because gardening is nice and camping is fun that doesn’t mean we have to combine them.  Like the comedian says, “I like strip clubs, and I like grandma…”  Sorry…

A Firefighter’s Own Worst – Training resources? Who needs those these days? I just read the ventilation manual at work…it was updated in 1978 so I’ll be fine.  I always knew I was my own worst enemy, but the more I learn from these folks the less that impacts me.  And ending almost every post reminding me to be safe? What’s that all about.  Voting for this site is the safe thing to do, do you want to be safe?  Do you?

the Happy -Ruggedly handsome, writing style that combines King, Bach and Mad Magazine, accomplished story teller and remarkably humble. – Dave Statter never sleeps.  I read on that he is in fact a team of people: Dave Johnson, Stacey Williams and a complex internet search program called “tTater.”  Like I’ve said before, Statter911 has such quick updates from the fire service, a video of a fire you’re about to goto is already up on his site.  If you are wondering whether or not to vote for Statter, go over to his site, there is already a story about who won the contest.

Fire – So what if they post about everything you need to know in public safety?  So what if they gave me the exposure early on to get where I am.  And talk about nice new headers on articles Pbbbbbbbt!  Look past the content, frequency and quality and look at their names and ages.  FireGEEZER and FOSSILMedic, both easily pushing 45, and I’ve met them both! They are old and may not even notice they’ve been nominated.  This blog is my vote for blog of the year.

Soon, the EMS Division which is even more squirrely than this motley crew.

VOTING IS OPEN and you can vote for each category every 6 hours so get over there and vote for for 2010 Fire Blog of the Year!

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