I know, I know, this is going up after voting has begun, but this crowd deserved a thorough look.  Here is what you need to know before casting your vote in the Black Diamond Fire/EMS Blog of the year Contest.

EMS 12 Lead – Tom Bouthillet is credited with giving Mark Glencorse (A judge in the contest, I smell a fix) the tools and information to make the first ever social media save.  An accomplished practitioner and educator, this blog gives Paramedics and EMTs alike the tools they need to understand this complex thing called the heart.  Or at least the electrical impulses of said heart and how subtle changes in that show up on a tiny piece of paper.  Now that I think of it, aren’t we talking about running 15 lead ECGs on cardiac patients?  Looks like Tom is 3 leads short of getting my vote.

Ambulance Driver Files – Writer, podcaster and respected Blogfather Kelly Greyson never misses the mark when writing about EMS and his other passions.  The EMS Newbie podcast is a breath of fresh air from the standard group format and Kelly’s advice to Ron is spot on.  You may think from this review that he deserves your vote, but his blog header has an eerie photo of him holding a crab with a sunglass sunburn.  In most circles a plus, but gives me the willies every time I see it.  Without that pic I’d vote for him.

Life Under the Lights – From a close friend Chris Kaiser comes this blog about fire and EMS in both paid and volunteer systems.  I think Chris is one of the few volunteer bloggers to really “make it big” but recent events have limited his time to get online. And by recent events I mean getting that regular writing gig over at JEMS.  And because my favorite post of his is all about avoiding cleaning up cat puke, I almost recommend him as my favorite, but no.  Sorry, buddy.  You should have cuddled more when we shared that bed in Indy at FDIC.

EverydayEMStips – Cancer, F#&* You! is a post title I can get behind for sure.  Webmaster Greg Friese takes readers on a journey from basic family interactions, to advance practice tips on this, one of his many sites.  It’s great layout allows you to drop in, read a few articles and be on your way with new ideas and concepts.  You can also find him on twitter and facebook bragging about 9 mile runs.  That’s where I draw the line.  It’s hard to enjoy a margarita at 9 am when he does that. No vote!

TheEMTSpot – I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation by Steve Whitehead in Dallas last year and was blown away by his style of teaching.  It was more like being in a conversation than a lesson and it was so much like his great website.  The bitchin’ header is still there and the content continues to inspire conversation every time I go.  Also a topic of conversation is why I still try to wipe the blood off his banner.  What’s that old saying?  Fool me once…shame on…on you…fool me twice…don’t get fooled again?

EMS Office Hours – I originally thought this was a site to let me know where my medical director actually goes all day long since he’s clearly not reading our protocols.  Jim Hoffman’s podcast and postings usually cover topics geared towards providers.  I don’t listen in every wednesday, like I should so I can be a part of the discussion, but I do my best to catch shows when I can.  Jim’s new site as part of the new EMSBlogs.com network is a great addition to their lineup there.  There is only one reason not to vote for him…

Rescuing Providence –

Michael Morse writes with a style that has yet to be matched in the online EMS world, each post a piece of art that takes the reader right into the scene as if riding along with Rescue 1 in Providence.

Each time I see a new post I know it will be short, sweet and speak of the emotions we feel while caring for others, be they injured, ill or imagining.

When I sit to write a post the first thing I think about is the imagery, emotion and feel of what I am about to write and try to capture what Lt Morse does, but always fall short.

Luckily he posts often and I can experience great writing on a topic that I love.

Thanks for reading, vote early, vote often!

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