Firecritic has started up his Blog of the Year contest and nominations are coming to a close on January 19th.

You can find all the rules and links to the contest HERE, and I’ve already been nominated, so I’m not asking for that, nor will I be asking you to vote for my site.

Last year I decided to support my favorite blog and what do you know, Medic999 won.  So this year I’m asking you to vote for my favorite blog of 2010…

Rescuing Providence

Lt Michael Morse writes with a style that has yet to be matched in the online EMS world, each post a piece of art that takes the reader right into the scene as if riding along with Rescue 1 in Providence.

Each time I see a new post I know it will be short, sweet and speak of the emotions we feel while caring for others, be they injured, ill or imagining.

When I sit to write a post the first thing I think about is the imagery, emotion and feel of what I am about to write and try to capture what Lt Morse does, but always fall short.

Luckily he posts often and I can experience great writing on a topic that I love.

When voting opens please vote for Rescuing Providence for Blog of the Year 2010.

I’ll be posting my reasons NOT to vote for the other blogs soon enough 😉

(haha Kaiser! I can do smilies too! haha!)

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