One the second day of Christmas Happy Medic gave to me…

Ems 2.0

and a British Medic dressed in green
As you are all very aware, mostly because I keep reminding you, EMS 2.0 is the world wide movement to improve not just the way EMS is provided, but the people who provide it.

There is no 1 EMS 2.0, no manual you can follow on how to make your system 2.0 Compliant or a list of bullet points on what to change and when, because every community has different needs.

No 2 EMS systems are alike because no 2 jurisdictions are alike, no 2 neighborhoods the same, so why try to standardize the services delivered?  Some places see more geriatrics, others more peds.  Some more trauma, others more STEMIs.  And although we all need to be proficient in all aspects of our jobs, our systems need to be ready to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve.  Only when we can identify what the community needs can we begin to build a  system up.  Vehicle choice, licensure level, equipment choices and the manner in which those items are moved, staffed, respond and transport should all be based on the community, not the same thing as the folks next door, in the big city or the rural areas.

You can learn more about EMS 2.0 at the tab on the top of this page.  You have a day to get up to speed until our next #HM12DoC.

And that will be on the final exam.

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