On the eighth Day of Christmas happy Medic gave to me…

8 Asthma Attacks

7 OBs Crownin’

6 Priapisms

5 Golden hours

4 Fibbing V-Fibbers

3 Tripple Os

EMS 2.0

and a British Medic dressed in green
Asthma.  Seems pretty straight forward a diagnosis and just as straight forward a treatment plan, but have you noticed folks seem to have no idea what asthma is anymore?

I ran a call just a few weeks ago on a girl who emptied her metered dose inhaler when her friend had an asthma incident.  Not her, just her friend, but she was worried she was going to catch it.

Catch the asthma.  Like it was the flu or a bad song on the radio.

Then I realized that no one likely explained what her condition was or how to use her inhaler, just assumed, like so many responders do, that this straight forward condition, with it’s straight forward treatment is widely understood by the public at large.  The same public that votes against their self interests, tramples each other at 3AM bargain stores and sent Justin Bieber to #1 on the pop charts.

Keep in mind most of your clients and patients have no idea what is going on around them, let alone what is going on inside of them.  Some may, but most had their minds made up before they walked into the Doctor’s office and likely bored the MD into giving them what they wanted so they could turn the room over for another co-pay.

When Erma swears her asthma was acting up, but has no asthma symptoms, don’t fire up a neb and wipe your eyes, REASSESS her!  She was likely wrong in her initial self diagnosis and her misguided self treatment could possibly be masking something more sinister.

Every time an “Asthma – worsening” comes over my screen I sigh and groan.  Not because I already know what is going to happen, but because these are some of the most complicated calls to run since the self diagnosis, treatment and presentation will not show me what was happening when they felt bad.  And how can I make them better if what makes them bad is not assessable?

I need to go, I feel an asthma attack coming on, better hit the inhaler a few times.

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