On the fourth Day of Christmas Happy Medic gave to me…

4 Fibbing V-Fibbers

3 Tripple Os

EMS 2.0

and a British Medic dressed in green

“Witnessed Arrest” is not as black and white as we would like.  Does that mean a person watched their EKG change from a somewhat normal or non fib rhythm to V-Fib?  Did they witness someone slump over, seemingly unconscious?  Perhaps their blood pressure tanked, or a CVA struck, but how does the person standing there in line at the market know when the heart of the woman behind the register went into fib?  By the time my engine makes it through the traffic and into the busy parking lot 3 minutes have passed since the call was received.

Arguably one of the better response times in the nation is nothing if the information given to us is not accurate and especially not if the only thing happening for our fibbing heart is a load of positive thought from the gathering crowd.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have arrived in a public place and seen CPR being performed on a person who needed it.  That observation includes my entire public safety experience, now at 18 years, not just time in my current system.

CPR can be very uncomfortable for the woman in the nursing home trying to fight off her would be rescuers (caretakers) and does little for the man decapitated in the motor vehicle collision.  But now that we’re taking away the yucky mouth to mouth component to traditional CPR, perhaps more folks will start to get involved when their fellow citizens fall unconscious.

But that still won’t solve the “witnessed arrest” issue will it?

Not until we have a wide spread Public AED program will the concept of a witnessed arrest make sense to me.  It is possible that if we have a well trained, well armed armada of first responders in waiting, then less arrests will be witnessed and we can change the term to witnessed conversion prior to EMS arrival.

Lofty dreams indeed, but if we can get them into airports, schools and shopping malls, how about Doctor’s offices, care homes, police cars, mail delivery vans, school buses, taxi cabs…need I go on?

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