This series of posts was inspired by a number of friends of the blog on an afternoon in late November.  While Chris Kaiser had recently posted an article about what changes I would ask my medical director for, I was mixing a few posts together about some interesting jobs I have run in the last few months.

With that fresh in my mind I was having a live video chat with some of the Chronicles of EMS followers when @ChicagoMedic on twitter posted the Happy Medic’s 12 Days of Christmas in two posts:

“12lead ekg, 11 bls calls, 10mg morphine, 9 homeless psyches, 8 asthma attacks, 7 OB’s crownin…”

“6 priapisms, 5 golden hours, 4 fibbing V-Fibbers, 3 Triple 0’s, EMS 2 point 0, 1 British man.”

When I finally wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes it occurred to me that these three things I was pondering fit nicely together.

So over the next 12 days, I will present the daily EMS topic from @ChicagoMedic’s tweets and why it is important in our field.

Each morning at 0800 PST, check in for another day in the Happy Medic 12 Days of Christmas!

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