Not so long ago in a municipality not too far away…
Episode 4
While giggling about the title of this episode (which we did often) I realized that my ride along with Motorcop did give me a new hope.  A new hope that we can prove ourselves Professionals and stand up to the bean counters and lawyers who are afraid of a law they do not understand.

Our Rebel cast once again includes the one person I like to listen to at length, me, and traffic enforcer Extraordinaire Motorcop from  We discuss the collision from the ride along and how vastly different the law treats them compared to EMS and how there is no reason for it. We also find out how many times a PCR has been entered into court.

And in part of a new segment, we answer listener questions submitted on twitter.

On another note: Someone asked about why we don’t have show notes. Um, dude, we’re doing an audio show so we don’t have to take notes!

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