While at coffee with a couple of other rigs a few days back (It happens) I happened to listen in on two distinct conversations I pushed into one at the end.

CONVERSATION 1 – “I don’t want my life decided by 12 people too stupid to avoid Jury Duty.”

CONVERSATION 2 – “This is my student, Rick. He’ll be doing his eval this week, I’m his FTO.”

Would it surprise you to hear that these two conversations were from the same person? I can not stand the argument that avoiding your civic duty of serving on a jury is an honorable or preferred goal. So many folks gripe and complain about having to report for jury duty, yet then decry the quality of persons on a jury should they get in trouble.
I listened to this person spin a tale about ways of getting off jury duty, things to say or to do, that will get them disqualified, yet there they stand, a field training officer, accepting the responsibility to evaluate a person’s actions, reactions, gather evidence and formulate an opinion that will have a lasting effect on that person’s career.

After shaking my head and seeking confirmation of what I had heard, this person went into a long description of the differences which ended in, wait for it…

“But I know what I’m doing, jurys don’t.”

But what is a jury if not a group of ordinary persons asked to look at the evidence and interperet the law as defined by the judge?
As an FTO are you not doing the exact same thing, just sub protocol for law and MD for judge and we have ourselves a one man jury deciding if Candidate DeSoto will get the job or not?

If you feel that jury duty is below you, then DO NOT take that extra $5 a shift to be an FTO, or Medic Jury. Better yet, if you get called for jury duty, instead of swearing, think of it as an FTO spot for the days you are there. After all, you have a duty to your fellow citizen to make sure the laws are followed and justice served. Just the same as you would as an FTO with a green Medic. Embrace the opportunity to have a positive impact on the system.

Isn’t that why you put in to be an FTO in the first place?

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