This scenario is a left over from my Captain test prep time, sent in by Richard663. Since I’m now doing the Crossover with Motorcop, I figured this might start a good cross discipline discussion.

You are the EMS Battalion Supervisor dispatched to a reported officer involved stabbing. Since Officers rarely carry knives you are ready to treat a stabbed officer and likely a shot or injured suspect.
Responding with you is a seasoned ambulance crew from across town and a rescue squad from the next town over, ETA 10-12 minutes.  Your ETA is 2-3 minutes.
As you arrive on scene, all 5 officers on duty are at the scene frantically searching for the suspect while the weapon, a large kitchen knife, is in the hands of one of the officers. It is clean.

The watch commander approaches you and tells you his officer is not stabbed, but the blade hit the vest. The officer is resting, but refusing care at this time. You agree to assess him and the watch commander agrees that is appropriate. You get on the radio to slow the ambulance to code 2 and cancel the squad.

The watch commander explodes in anger screaming that his people deserve a code 3 ambulance no matter what you think MIGHT be wrong.

How do you respond?

You make the call.

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