Our good pal Chris Kaiser from Life Under the Lights brought up an interesting idea the other day.

“Where has EMS 2.o and Chronicles taken us?”  and then asked an even better question:

“Where are others taking 2.0 and Chronicles?”

Show us.

Over the coming weeks I want you to show us how you spread the word about Chronicles of EMS.  On Saturday morning I will be publishing a 1 page PDF about Chronicles (and CK one about EMS 2.0) that you can put up at the station, yard, hospital, classroom, etc.

Take a picture of it with your phone and put it on twitter (Make sure you tag it #CoEMS) and if you can, add a geo tag to it.  I’ll use my superior computer skills to track where the message is going so we can see just how far reaching the message of Chronicles is.  Or just send me a pic at thehappymedic@gmail.com, or post it to the Happy Medic Fan Page on Facebook.

Put don’t limit it to the PDF.  You can order your #CoEMS stickers and show me your phone, laptop, window or wherever else you have the stickers as well as draw something on a dry erase board, or maybe a hand made page up at work.

Point is, we’d love to SEE just how you share the Chronicles of EMS message, as well as the EMS 2.0 message.

So, if it is after Saturday you can click HERE for the PDF.

But what good is something like this without prizes for the most creative sharing?

Categories are to be announced, but the prizes will include:

EMS Monopoly

Fire Monopoly

Chronicles of EMS Patch set (Including the one not currently for sale!)

Coverage for the cause of your choice

If you already share the word, show us!  I’ll be grabbing them as I see them and making the map.  if you want stickers, you can order them in the sidebar and for this contest FREE SHIPPING! Just mention “Where?” when you order.

So, where are you taking Chronicles of EMS?

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