Well, the 15th came and went and I’m still finding folks who are unsure about their cancer risks, how to self exam or what they should be doing to live a healthier lifestyle.

There is plenty of pink on the NFL coverage this Sunday, lots of ribbons, pink shoes and gloves, but so far not a single mention of cancer awareness.

Alright folks, here’s how it’s going to go:

Ladies, please take a moment and click on the following links.

This is an interactive risk assessment tool (Mainly geared for those over the age of 35.)

Print out this card (in pdf form now) and give it to each female at or about 30 years of age in your family.  Also keep one for yourself. (It’s in a dozen languages so no excuse there)

Donate what you can to help others. I know it says the goal is at $80, but there is no ceiling to what we can raise.

Guys, you need to start paying attention as well.

Review the risk factors of prostate cancer and learn some of the truths around some of the myths.

Get hands on once a month to screen for another kind of cancer.  Stop laughing, it’s YOUR life.

Make sure at 40 you get the finger.  no, Goose, not that finger.

Laugh all you want, make snickering jokes at the images I linked to, then get off your butt and get screened.  If you don’t you have no one to blame later but yourself.

95% treatable if found early enough.  If that isn’t enough motivation I don’t know what is.

Also, another special thank you to TOTWTYTR (Too old to work, too young to retire), for opening my eyes to the risks on our side of the gender fence.  The pink may stand for breast cancer awareness, but we need to raise awareness of all risks.  Because of his comment and Epi Junky’s original motivation to go pink, I’m working on organizing a September Prostate Cancer Awareness project, details to follow, but here’s a hint.

Now go get healthy.

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