October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a friend of mine reminded me of how important prevention is.

Then I got to thinking.

I’m not immune to this disease. Not only are 2000 men a year dying from Breast Cancer, but 1 in 12 women will develop it in their lifetime.  When I stopped for a moment and realized I am a son, a husband, a brother and father, I suddenly realized that someone in my family is at risk.

When EpiJunky asked if I was willing to support a group called EMS for the Cure to raise money for research and spread awareness, I agreed.

Then I began to look into what she was asking me to bring awareness to.

After wiping the tears from my eyes I gave the only answer I could: “Hells yes.”

And here is where to get a background or button for your blog or site to help your readers learn more.

I challenge you to go pink and stay pink until the 15th of October and offer links on your site that help folks learn how to prevent breast cancer.

Join EMS for the Cure

And not just for Breast Cancer, but to raise awareness of all cancers, especially Prostate Cancer.  Click HERE to learn more from TOTWTYTR who reminds us that we are men first, husbands fathers and brothers second.  Get the facts, learn how to prevent cancer and get regular exams to screen for it.

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