Amazing how fast information moves these days.

We were at this fire yesterday afternoon, and while it wasn’t a “worker” or like many of the other fires recently posted about the SFFD, it brings up a good training topic:

Fires between floors.

Initial report was light smoke or steam from above a laundromat.  How many times have you been on that run?

This was one of the 1 in 100 where something is actually happening.  Light smoke is seen seeping from the paneling above one business, but more smoke is found above the nail salon, but the salon has no smoke.

This is a 4 story type 5 unprotected (3 res over 1 com).  Some notes:

The folks in the helmets with black and white checkerboards are members of the Heavy Rescue Squad, the red and white belong to the truck companies.

The sign we pulled down had another sign behind it, then wood paneling which covered some old windows.

The fellow on the nozzle out front, also helping to foot the ladder, later to turn off a pass alarm, and then finding a lost axe in the rubble, well, that’s yours truly.  Still wearing the “16” on my shield.

The engine you see at the very beginning is our temporary rig, we were third due and were supplying the first in engine.

If you are wondering where everyone else is, the first 2 engines and truck were inside the building looking for extension.  With the voids in a type 5, we have to go farther than simply finding unburnt wood.

The quick bursts with the line were two fold.  Firstly, we had a team just on the other side of that space who had not found fire yet and my intent was to cool what was thought to be the source of the fire and directly above it the floor of the unit above.

It was a quick job and did not spread any farther than where we found it, the cause is under investigation.

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