Not really.  Even though my patients throw me curve balls and try to steal from time to time, my real meaning is within EMS, and how we can begin to move forward as a group.

At the time of this writing the San Francisco Giants are 2 games up against the Texas Rangers in the World Series.  The Rangers have never won a World Series, and the last time the Giants won was in 1954.  Remember when Willie Mays made that over the shoulder famous catch? 1954.  Remember that old black and white footage from the Wide World of Sports with the announcer screaming “The Giants win the pennant! The giants win the pennant!”?  1954.

So what does this have to do with EMS?

You should feel the electricity in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.  It is literally palpable.  After the 9-0 win last night, people from all walks of life, religious backgrounds and political philosophies ( no, not all of us are hippies) came together under one banner for a common cause: “Let’s go Giants!”

New terms were added to the cheers this year including “Fear the Beard” in reference to pitcher Brian Wilson’s dyed black beard and blonde mohawk.  They have a player they call “Smiles” and a manager who appears to be under the influence most of the time.

They are misfits, odd ends, yet together they have accomplished something I have not seen since 2002, they got into the World Series.

The mayor, Gavin Newsom, declared this week Giants Pride Week and ordered the lights at City Hall to be lit orange at night.  Soon after, noted landmark the Coit Tower did the same.  The next day many private buildings had orange tops to support the Giants.  Even the old airport tower on Treasure Island and the light atop the Trans America Pyramid shine orange for all to see.

And we see it.  All of us.  From homeless beggar (of which we do have many) to stock broker to housekeeper to plumber, everyone has one thought on their mind this week: Let’s go Giants!

High fives with total strangers are normal right now.  Smiling and opportunity seem close to follow and anything seems possible.  If this army the Giants have amassed had another goal or purpose I believe we could accomplish it in short order and be ready for more.

So where is the EMS World Series?  Where is the one event that will unite all of us the same way the Giants have from the Bay Area?  No matter our differences we all have something in common, so why do we insist on bickering the details?

You may already be thinking that I’m jumping on the band wagon here and you bet I am!  I love the music and the circus hasn’t been to town in a long, long, time.  And even though what you may consider a circus is our Tuesday, Giants fans are fired up and excited about what may happen next.  Whether next week brings a soaring celebration or a collective sigh, we’ll all go back to ignoring those who don’t look like us or talk like us or believe like us.  It’s natural.

But imagine what we could accomplish right now when we’re all together.

Let’s Go Giants.

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