Day 2 of EMS Expo here in Dallas Texas begins at the Hotel Lawrence, just a block and a half from the Grassy Knoll.

Noted EMS Jedi Master Thaddeus Setla and I are preparing for a full day of activity, most of it doing different things.

By the time you read this you may have already seen my videos on  I’m filling in with the EMS1 team here at Expo to do some interviews on topics they wanted covered.  I’ll do my best to not screw it up.

When the show floor opens I’m back on the show floor for some more non-stop “Have you seen Chronicles of EMS?” and spreading the EMS 2.0 word.

Yesterday saw hundreds of people coming through the Zoll Booth with most of them stopping by to see what we are all about.  A few folks from England and Germany came by and were eager to wear a CoEMS T-Shirt on their travels abroad.

Last night’s meetup was a lot of fun and it was nice to see a few of the fire side bloggers slumming it at an EMS convention again.  Might as well just give in fellas, it’s already almost 90% of what we do.  A topic for another time perhaps.

So I’m back to my cup of coffee, then dusting off the fancy duds for filming some interviews.

If you’re not here in Dallas you can still partake in a great game on twitter hosted by Zoll called Hide and Tweet.

On twitter, make sure you’re following @ZollEMSFire and follow the hashtag #hideandtweet.  Hidden on the show floor somewhere is an adorable little St Bernard puppy plush toy.  But, this being a medic show, of course pressing the puppy’s paws gives you infant choking and CPR instructions.  Very cool.

Oh, right, the game.

Every 30 minutes Zoll will send out a hint as to where the puppy is hiding.  If you use their map and follow the clues you can win some neat prizes…FROM HOME.  Yup, you don’t need to be present to win.

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