I was taken aback by this guy at the bar in a T-Shirt with a 8″ EMT on the back and giant star of life.  Add to that the stethoscope around his neck and I was just confused.

My fire and PD buddies were making jokes while I was trying to make the decision whether or not to approach him.

I could start the conversation by asking if he really was an EMT, which I’m sure he is hoping someone will ask, hence the shirt, but it was really the combination of the pants, shirt and especially stethoscope that had me thinking this person is clearly not “one of us,” US being the profession.

He managed to wander over to a table of ladies with his friend who said, “Make room for my EMT buddy,” at which point I had to cover a laugh.

No matter what I said or how I approached the situation, this was not the time or the place to address his lack of professionalism.

He was not in a uniform, but as far as the public knows, he was.  He was not doing anything “wrong,” just not the best thing at that moment.

Mark can tell you that when coming home from riding with him and purchasing an adult beverage at the store, I turned my jacket inside out.  I looked odd, but even in another country I didn’t want to let folks know about that association.

So in the end, I let it go, mainly because I am convinced he would not have understood.

My buddy then, after we left, asked why I didn’t give him a Happy Medic card, then blog about it.

Also not “wrong” but maybe not the best way to approach it.  So in the end, I only did one of the two.

If you said stay out of it, you made my call.

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