All the studying, testing and nervousness has paid off and you got that paid spot!  Only problem is the commute, 1.5 hours each way 3, towns over.  But, it’s with a good company and you hear great things about them.

Your first day comes along and you arrive at the ambulance yard, clean new uniform and gear, only to discover you were hired over many of the senior part time folks who also applied.  Needless to say they aren’t thrilled by your arrival.

During morning check out you are assigned to a brand new EMT-Basic, ink still wet on his card, who is not familiar with the roads, equipment or hospital locations.

Gulping your coffee, you decide to head into the supervisor’s office to see about a reassignment, at least until tomorrow.

“Nobody else wants the new guy, or gal, so make do.”  Is what you’re told.

Back to the rig and gear is checked but your narcotics are low.  Back into the office the supervisor tells you they don’t have a license for narcs, you’ll have to restock with the FD in the next town.

Something is off for sure.  Is this a test?  Some kind of cruel first day prank?  At the end of the first shift you feel like tossing in the towel but a friend reminds you that their are no other companies hiring anywhere nearby.  2 local ambulance companies recently went under and the remaining one isn’t hiring.

Keep the job and most likely the house and the car payments relying on it, or get out while you can?

You make the call.

There will be no Monday follow up to this week’s situation, it was sent as a request for advice to  If you have a situation and you’d like to ask for a wide variety of insights, send it in, no name needed.
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