Since you all follow the Mutual Aid lists and Continuing Education tab on this site, I shouldn’t have to repost this, but watching this fail video from FAILBlog is a great learning tool for young EMSers, or anyone studying to advance in medicine.

First, watch the video, then some questions.  I don’t have answers, and was not there  to talk to this man, but I think since he is on TV he must be an actor, so let’s enjoy, shall we?

Now, without replaying the video, answer the following questions:

1. What happened?

2. What is this man’s GCS score?

3. Is he competent to refuse transport in your jurisdiction? Why or why not?

4. Could this be his normal mentation?

5. If not, what would you suspect a person who presents like this actor acted to be under the influence of?

If you replayed the video, you cheated.

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