At 11:45 PM on August 31st 2008, a frustrated, stressed and confused person sat down in front of his laptop and started a blog.
The first post was simple enough:

I created this forum as an outlet from work when the lack of common sense so wide spread in our society decides they need help.  I won’t say where I am, nor will I disclose names, dates or too many specifics so as to maintain privacy.  I’ve always joked about writing a book titled, “You couldn’t make this stuff up,” and every day I work I get more content for that volume.  From the broken toes, toothaches and car accidents without damage to the just plain odd and insane, there is no way to describe or prepare what is waiting on the streets.

OK, so I lied.

Had you told me that simple paragraph would lead to improved mental health I would have laughed.  Or that it would lead to meeting people of the same opinion regarding Emergency Services, maybe a giggle and a coy smile.

That it would lead to England?  No way.

But it did, didn’t it?

Over the last 2 years you have let me ramble and rant, complain and ask countless questions without offering many solutions and for that I have no excuse.  We wish we had the answers, but this thing we call Service has so many different forms and functions it is hard to make an argument for any one way of doing things without being proven wrong time and time again.

I like being proven wrong though, that’s why I got married.

Mrs HM wanted to write a little something on this occasion, but she’s less of a writer than I am, but I think she would likely say the following:

Dear internet,

I want my husband back.


Mrs HM

This forum is powerful, friends, maybe not this site, but sites like it.  Sites where we can share our thoughts, ideas, dreams and frustrations with folks who “get it.”

I stopped writing about the power of social media because you already know about it.

I stopped writing about EMS 2.o because you already know about it.

But I’ll keep thanking you for reading, and hope you keep stopping by from time to time.  If September alone is any indication, year 3 of the Happy Medic will be the biggest and best.

And if not, write it off as my “terrible twos.”

Thanks for taking the time.

Your Happy Medic,


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