Well darn it if that wasn’t a hell of a response.  I asked you to guess which of the 10 calls mentioned I was NOT sent to, and dozens of you chimed in with your thoughts.

Un_Ojo, a friend and fellow twitterer mentioned over there that I must have had one hell of a rough day.  No, luckily, the runs mentioned were over the month.  Had that been one day I would have taken off my coat and helmet and blended in with the crowd.

MrsHappy took one look at this list and almost slapped me on the back of the head.

You see, I have 2 little ones and one of their favorite snacks is grapes.  I have been told for almost 4 years now to be sure to cut the grapes in half for the little ones because of the choking hazard.

I’ve been to kids choking on a lot of stuff, both food related and not, but in 16 years of going on emergency calls I have yet to see a person, or a kid, choke on a grape.  Not that it isn’t a possible hazard, just not as common as the baby books would like you to believe.

However, on a lighter note, the rest of those calls are 100%* true and highlighted a stressful month for me.

Be safe,


*Each one of those calls is fictional
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