Words.  I want you to write 800 words.

In my recent travels through the dungeons here at HMHQ, many of my favorite posts average around 800-1000 words.  a fair amount to get you in, tell you a tale and let you go.

So I got to wondering if you could convince someone of something in the same amount of time.  An educational article could go on and on for pages, citing this study and that.  I’m not looking to be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt, just convince me social media is a good idea and good for our Profession.

But here’s the challenge:

Don’t use the term “Social Media.”

You can say blogs, twitter, RSS, facebook, any number of other terms, but no using the buzz words “Social Media.”

Think you’re up to the challenge?

Convince me.

email your submission to theHappyMedic@gmail.com by August 20th.

Enter as often as you like, but keep in mind if I read a second submission of yours I like better, the first one gets eliminated.  Open to everyone, not just bloggers.

Prizes to be announced shortly.

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