I recently had a straight forward job that got curiouser and curiouser.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Fall from standing, laceration over the brow, decent mechanism with every indication for C-spine precautions given age and circumstances.

Everything is going fine until we get ready to load and he begins to vomit.

Quick thinking prevents him choking and the board is at an angle.  As we begin to do the standard tucking of blankets beneath the side of the board he begins to vomit again.  The angle of the board is not enough given our situation and the decision is made to elevate it more.  We’re comfortable with the positioning only when the board is laying almost on it’s end.  We have the head supported in line, legs as well, but keeping the board upright on it’s side was a challenge.

Using what you have in your rig, how would you secure the board to the cot?

You make the call.

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