What a month it has been!

Your job, gentle reader, is to choose which one of the following calls I DID NOT get dispatched to.  Seriously.

1.  Motor vehicle versus pedestrian, driver of car in full bicycle riding regalia and parked up the block.

2.  Partial scalping.

3.  Stabbing.

4.  Building alarm set off by a BBQ 2 houses over.

5.  A fall down 2 floors of wooden stairs after an earthquake.

6.  A running toilet in a park restroom.

7. A person urinating on the sidewalk.

8.  A high speed police chase on the Golden Gate Bridge.

9.  Sprinklers spilling into the street.

10.  A child choking on a grape.

OK, have at it.  You know I left out all the boring full codes, hypoglycemics and basic MVAs just because that would be too easy.  So out of the 10 calls above, which one was I NOT dispatched to?

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