Welcome back to our coverage of Engine 99, I’m Happy and with me as always is Steph Frolin.  How are you Steph?

Good, Happy, good, we’re reviewing the last call by Engine 99 when challenged by a client who was threatened with arrest for theft.

That’s right Steph, and since you’re here we know there is something else to this code 3 medic request for the hurt elbow, let’s go to the play by play.

Engine 99 and Medic 88 are dispatched for the code 3 medic request by a PD unit in a swanky shop.  No details are given to the dispatchers, so the call is off their roles in mere seconds.

Our teams don’t even have a code or description?

No, that would make it too simple, but here they are, on the scene with PD waving them in.  It appears to be  quite the PD event, I count 3 cars on the scene.

This could be serious, Steph, I see them bringing in ALL their gear.

They do that on every call, Happy, never can tell what’s really happening anymore.  Remember that code 2 fall that turned out to be a breach delivery?

I do Steph, but our team is being led to the back alley of the store and their patient, who is holding his elbow.

The crew is quick to slow the ambulance to code 2, possibly saving lives and money.

Steph they appear to be assessing an elbow injury, but from what I can tell the medic is using distracting assessment techniques to yield an honest assessment.

He sure is Happy, that allows the medic to assess the injury a number of times and compare responses.

OH! That looks bad Steph, the man has winced without being touched, but makes no facial changes on assessment.

A gutsy move, but the medic appears to know exactly what happened despite the story he is being told.

The officers describe walking him forcefully, holding his arm at the elbow, walking back to the alley to discuss the finer points of his arrest.  At that point he began to cry and ask for a medic to transport him.

Happy, this happens all the time.  Folks think calling for an ambulance will get them out of jail, not realizing they will be transported, assessed at their expense, then arrested.  He’s probably thinking the PD will just let him go, but since they are the reported assailants, this is going to get sticky.

Steph, that’s amazing.  I can’t imagine people trying to scam the system that way.

Your rosy outlook amazes me sometimes, Happy, but what is this?  The crew is being told he was thrown to the ground and beaten!  This is indeed a change of events!

And the crew is adjusting nicely, performing another secondary assessment to rule out any injury from the new description of injury.

I’m surprised the officers are holding their composure so well.  One of them burst out laughing on the beating comment and has left the alley and is now back in the store.

Steph, what is going to happen now with the report of being kicked in the head with steel toed boots?

With no evidence of such an injury, even in the slightest, I would be surprised if this crack squad goes the full route of C-spine precautions.  When-

Steph! Look at this! A store employee has emerged with a laptop computer and is showing something to the rescuers and the man holding his elbow!

If we’re lucky it’s security camera footage.

It is! It is the film, clearly showing the man attempting to leave the store without paying, then store security confronting him and a beat officer walking in soon after.  They walk him back to the alley, where another camera sits, and he stands there, on his feet the whole time, until our rescuers arrive.

Let’s see what happens now Happy.

I can only imagine the citizen will be embarrassed and submit to his punishment for thievery, Steph.

Sometimes I wonder if we really are the same person Happy, no way is he going to back down, he’s going all the way with this one, just watch.

Oh ye of little faith-

There it is! He just stated the video has been altered and demands transport!  Oh my!  This is as surprising as Jersey Shore being re-upped for a new season.  It shouldn’t happen, but it does.

My oh my, this does indeed seem like a waste of resources, Steph, why can’t these medics just declare this man a liar and be done with him?

They don’t have the authority to declare a person is completely without injury, even though we have visual proof that nothing indeed happened warranting a response, let alone a transport.

Amazing Steph, just amazing.

Until next time, I’m Steph Frolin and with me is the Happy Medic, and we’ll see you On Scene.

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