The crack team at Chronicles of EMS:The Reality Series have narrowed down the field of over 500 entries to rename their landmark new show.

As you recall, yours truly and that Brit Mark Glencorse took our desire to learn from each other in person and Thaddeus Setla’s desire to film a unique Paramedic experience and created the reality EMS series.

Chronicles of EMS – Reality Series (Teaser) from Thaddeus Setla on Vimeo.

In moving the show from web based to network television, there was a need to change the title.  It turns out that “the Reality Series” isn’t very descriptive, so we turned the choice of names over to the audience.

Voting is now open, the finalists have been chosen by the producers and Chronicles Staff and the prize for the winner is amazing.

One of those five finalists will win a 3 night 4 day trip to any location we film at around the world.  AND an ipad to follow along on the trip.

Newly announced is the prize for first runner up.

The finalists are:

Chronicles of EMS: Beyond the Lights & Sirens

Chronicles of EMS: Mobile Medicine

Chronicles of EMS: Frontline Medicine

Chronicles of EMS: Medicine in the Streets

Chronicles of EMS: Real Life, Real Emergencies

Head over and see what that prize pack includes and vote for your favorite.

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