Lately there is a citizen in my first alarm area who thinks calling 911 late at night is a good way to get the sprinklers turned off.

No, not fire sprinklers, park sprinklers.

A passerby has reported a large amount of water leaking from the street, possibly a broken pipe.  At least that is what our call takers typed in before hanging up, WITHOUT getting a name or call back number.  That’s another post entirely.

Last night, wandering towards the fire engine hearing us going code 3 for the water main break, I asked out loud, “Is the water on fire?  Wat do they expect us to do other than call the water department?”

On arrival we have only the over spray from a local park, a call we suddenly realize we have been on a number of times.  They run the sprinklers at night so folks can enjoy the parks during the day, but this person expects us to shut them off perhaps?

Last week we were alerted for the “large oil slick” on a major highway.  No oil, just some runoff from the median sprinklers.

But again, when in doubt, send the Fire Department.  Not because we’re trained for shutting off municipal water mains, but because we’re the only ones still on the clock.

And no, the water was not on fire.

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