Usually when Thaddeus Setla and I have one of our conversations, 2 things are for sure. We’re about to spend a lot of money and we’re going to change something.

One morning last week I got an email from a fellow EMSer in Texas who was wondering what he could do in the Chronicles Community to help him raise money to attend a Paramedic Program he had been accepted to.
Fresh in my mind was the outpouring of support a year ago to our friend EpiJunky, thanks to Bernice, which allowed her readers to donate money to help her attend Paramedic School. I chipped in.

Her class completed just this Monday.

So with these 2 topics fresh on our minds on our weekly conference call Ted blurts out, “What? Do you want to do a Scholarship Program or something?”

“Yup.” Was my reply.

And there was born the Chronicles of EMS Scholarship Program. From the site:

In true CoEMS fashion we wanted to bring the community together and help others who wanted to improve their career and were interested in sharing their experiences with the world.

We will be accepting applications in the form of videos where the applicant will explain not only who they are and why they want to be a Paramedic, but how they plan to implement aspects of EMS 2.0, our future vision for EMS. The winners will then chronicle their Paramedic School experience on our website as a weekly (v)blog, posting thoughts, feelings, and questions, allowing the entire EMS online community to become their tutors and mentors.

We are coming together as a community to help those in need of funding to complete their Paramedic education. Organizations interested in sponsoring all or part of a Scholarship will have a part in shaping the future of EMS nationwide, not just in their own communities.

Students interested in submitting a video application are advised to upload their video to Youtube, Vimeo, or any video sharing site and embed the video as a response to this blog.

Awards will range from $250 to $1500 depending on sponsorships and will have caveats such as:

1. The student must successfully complete the course or forfeit the award to another student

2. The student must keep the community informed as to their progress (in the form of a written blog or video blog)

3. The student must adhere to a code of ethics (Still being drafted)

The success of this program will depend upon the donations received from the members of this community. We will continue the program on a quarterly basis if we find that the donations support the Scholarship Program. 100% of the donations will be used for the program and as a member of this community we will keep you apprised of all donations coming in and the applications we receive. The winning student will be decided upon solely by the Chronicles of EMS Team so that this does not become a popularity contest, but a true recognition of the student’s desire and passion for EMS and the future of the industry!

Like the site says, this is no popularity contest.  Whether you have 10,000 twitter followers or don’t know what a twitter is, all entries will be judged on their own merits.  and since I’m one of the ones choosing the recipients, rest assured that a simple video recorded on a built in web cam will be given the same consideration as a high quality produced feature.

The Chronicles Team recognizes the power of the community, we’ve been inspired to help each other out before, here’s a chance to do it on a grander scale.

Would you like to be a part of ensuring a motivated, excited candidate has the opportunity to pay for Paramedic School?  Then donate to the program.  There are no administrative fees, no one here at CoEMS is making a profit on this and in the end it will likely cost us out of pocket, but not nearly in the amount some folks are having to dig to make their dreams of furthering their career in EMS a reality.

If you can spare 3,5,20, 100 dollars to help someone out you can do so publicly or anonymously and corporate/business sponsors can choose to sponsor an award of their own and be a part of the future of EMS.

Details as they develop at Chronicles Headquarters.

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