Happy 4th of July everyone, the day we set aside to celebrate declaring our independence from the British.  Although a recent poll shows 26% of those polled are unsure of even that fact, I’m sure every one of them will partake in an explosives display of one kind or another.

On the buildings that make them (they are separated for safety) are numerous warnings of the dangers of explosives.

On  the truck that delivered them is this placard:

But when unboxed and put on display they take on the exciting title of “fire work.”

If you would like to celebrate explosives, a more appropriate day is September 21, the birth date of the inventor of TNT Alfred Nobel.

Today on the 4th of July we are celebrating the signing of a document.  I believe most of those who will be setting off explosives deep into the night have no idea what that document says or that it had been voted on 2 days earlier.  Thankfully, some will know it very well.

Yes, we voted for independence on July 2nd.  The document wasn’t ready until the 4th when all copies could be signed together.  Even this date is now in dispute and many historians believe it was actually signed in early August.

Perhaps we should be celebrating when King George III received the news we declared independence?

What about September 3rd, the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War, or at least led to the two sides exchanging the final documents a year later??

But I like the 4th, it’s kind of in the middle of everything that seemed to be happening back then, but I am against setting off explosives to celebrate it.  That’s just me.  If explosions are more your style, please enjoy them safely and don’t let children partake in the activity.

Deja vu? Vuja de?

How many of those 26% believe this is what it looked like I wonder?

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