In my service we have a tradition, an unspoken rule, that if you are working overtime, you owe a “tax.”

Since you are working the same hours, but making more than everyone else, you are expected to chip in extra towards the meals.  The amount is up to you, of course, and not everyone takes part, but most do.  I contribute the equivalent of one hour’s worth of pay and donate that to the cook prior to shopping.

Sometimes it means improving the menu a bit, other times it means a drastic discount in the price of the meal for everyone else.

I think it’s a good idea and benefit from other folks donating more than it costs me to donate when it’s my turn.

And if you’re working a Chief’s house and they’re on an overtime…surf and turf!

So if you’re on an overtime shift and working with someone who isn’t, don’t be a jerk, kick in.  It could be to the meal or if on post, maybe coffee is on you this time.

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