Ah, you all have gotten used to not having a weekly challenge, so let’s get back to basics.  How about the different ways to describe skin?  Instead of being crazy like some of my lab proctors in college finding the most exotic and disgusting photos, I’ll send along one of my own.

I know I have already turned a few stomachs with the photos of my burns, but that was about pain control and had to be done to make a point.

There is no point in this.  Unless of course, you have no idea how to describe this wound in writing.  Yes, that was a challenge.

You may ask questions as to specifics not clear in the photo, but having the wrist and hand in the picture gives all the info you need for size, color and location.

I have been known to add a little of my college education to a PCR narrative or two, but only when sure.  So when I awoke this morning with the following mark on my forearm and my daughter asked what it was I told her and she wrinkled her face.

So my question to you is, how would you document this mark on my forearm?You make the call.

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