When we hear a person has had a fall, there are a series of questions to be asked to find out more about the fall.  Most of these establish mechanism, or the likelihood an injury has resulted.  Most of the time there are factors in play that remove all of our normal indicators and put us back at square one.  Other times it is obvious what we need to be concerned about.

But what about when the story evolves into a grey area?

A cable TV installer was working on a rooftop when he stepped through a plastic skylight.  The opening is approx 3 foot by 3 foot and he was brought down to the street by residents of the apartment building.

As units arrive you hear he has fallen through a skylight 20 feet over a staircase and is bleeding from the legs, arms and face.  C-Spine precautions are taken as you learn he caught himself on the edges of the skylight and was raised back up through the opening by residents.

Is it a fall?  From how high?  Do we need to maintain C-spine precautions?

You make the call.

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