It can be confirmed with the Mrs that I have a problem keeping on task at times.  I often get distracted today about tomorrow, neglect this week because I’m worried about next week.  You get the idea.

This morning I was my usual self and it put a lot in jeopardy.

It is also widely known that Mark’s and my families sacrifice a whole lot to do what we have sought out to accomplish.  Sandra and the boys more so than Kim and my girls.  This was Mark’s FIFTH trip to the USA for Chronicles business and you remember what happened last time, right?

Well, this morning when we left to take him to the airport, I wasn’t concentrating on the task at hand and he agreed to be dropped off at the BART station instead of me driving him all the way in, which I should have done.

While off with my girls I got a call from Mark, “I’m gonna miss my flight!”

And he did, because of my and my inattention to the task at hand.

Luckily, using his British charm he was able to arrange an alternate itinerary that puts him back home only an hour and a half later than anticipated…provided he isn’t delayed further.

To Mark and his family I apologize.

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