For you new people who are following Chronicles of EMS, did you know I went to England too?  For reasons I could tell you, but then have to cardiovert you, the cameras weren’t allowed.  However, I did document the heck out of my experiences in Mark’s system and wanted to share that with you again.

Over the next week, in the lead up to the next installments of Chronicles of EMS: A Seat at the Table, I’ll be “re-releasing” my England experiences to give the new followers a chance to see what this series could really do for us all.

I have posts in 2 parts.  Posts from in the moment will be out each day at 8 AM pacific, 4 pm GMT and my later recap post of that day after reflection and checking notes will go live at 8pm pacific or the ever inconvenient 4 am GMT.  Enjoy.

Originally published November 19th, 2009:

I arrived in Newcastle earlier this afternoon and am eager to get out with Mark and see what he has to show me.

Tonight I was welcomed in his home and felt at peace there.  The more time mark and I spend together, the more we feel like old friends, and we mostly are.

Tomorrow starts at 530 AM, 8 hours ahead of Pacific time by the way, and then it’s 12 hours on the car.  We’re having the worst luck with internet connections, with the signal in the hotel here an additional charge, even though the hotel site says Wi-fi.  I guess they forgot the “for an additional fee” part.

I am a bit nervous to see the response times here, with Mark often waiting a bit for an ambulance to back him up.  But we’ll see.  On a lighter note…

On the way back from Mark’s house tonight, he made a quick turn not 3 minutes from the hotel and pulled the car over.

“There’s Hadrian’s Wall there Mate.”

newcastle day 1 009And here’s me standing on the ancient Roman Wall just blocks from the hotel.

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