You sat on the tailboard of the rescue truck and told her she was wrong, you didn’t need any more schooling.  You had a job as an EMT and liked it where you were.  You didn’t want to leave your friends and you didn’t.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are still there.

Still making $4.35 an hour?  Oh, got a little bit of a raise did you?

It’s not that you are a bad practitioner, just not as good as you could be.  I may not be the best there is, but I’m better than you. You settle for the status quo, a nice shift on a mediocre rig because it’s easier.  Screw that.  Your patients, your system and you deserve better than that.  When the water pipes leak, I don’t want someone who thinks plumbing is neat, I want someone who is at the top of their game, well versed in the art and passionate about what they are doing.

You are none of those things.

This may come as a shock, but you landed where you are by chance, not by skill.  Big deal you put out a grass fire when they couldn’t, they needed someone anyway.  You had a rare opportunity to take a chance and turn it into something fantastic but instead chose a life of low call volume, low pay and low expectations.

What are you hiding from?



The possibility you’ll like it too much?

News flash, jerk, you DO like it too much.  You love it.  Stop fooling yourself thinking opportunity will find you in the little corner of the world you’ve chosen to hide in.  Stop whining about why things are so screwed up and find out how to make them better.  The only solution you’ll find on the Playstation is how to get the Tombraider out of level 4.


You’re sleeping all night and all day, running 2-3 calls in a 24 hour cycle and thinking this is enough to satisfy that desire instilled in you as a child?

What would your father say?  Your mother?  Or worse yet, that girl who saw your potential but not even the slight possibility you would pass on her suggestion you could do better.

I took the chance.  I listened and I learned.

Those extra classes you were afraid of made me think differently.  I am anticipating patients responses instead of trying to react to them.  You could be 2 steps ahead, instead you are 2 steps behind.

I’m better than you in more ways than I can count and I wake up every morning glad I’m not you.


the Other You.

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