I am tired.  plain and simple.  remember that 30 days I told you about a few weeks ago?  I’m midway through them and also mid way through my surf rescue class.

I am beat.

I did finish the qualifying swim with a personal best time, but had forgotten in my celebration that that was the START of the class, not the end.  Darn swim drills.  Darn simulated rescues.

The first day was in the pool and was tough, but warm.

Today was in the bay and started with jumping off of the fireboat into the not surprisingly cold waters of the San Francisco Bay.  Then we swam.  And swam.  And swam.  Sure we had wet suits and fins, but dragging Peterson rescue floats behind you makes you kick funny.  That’s all I’m saying.

Then it was drills, simulated rescues, paddle boarding and more rescues.  These guys know how to run a class.

Tomorrow we hit China Beach just outside the Golden Gate Bridge for rough surf entry and egress and, I’m guessing here, more simulated rescues.

Thursday and Friday will be at Ocean Beach, one of the most dynamic and dangerous swim and surf spots on the west coast.  The forcast is for temps in the high 60’s or low 70s with a water temp in the low 50s.

And I signed up for this class of my own free will?  Indeed.

Keep in mind that my big vacation is coming up during EMS week, well planned I know, and I will not be online for almost 10 days!  Watch FireEMSblogs.com for many great bloggers and news in our professions.  And check out Mark’s new banner.  Snazzy indeed.  You’ll know I’m gone when Happy there takes a break and steps down.

But alas, I have kept some good posts to go up in my absence so keep an eye on HMHQ.

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