Rogue Medic could tear the science apart on this one, but I can attest it is true:

I learn and recall memories linked to music.

You can play me a song and I can tell you things I was doing, sometimes in odd detail, when that song was playing.

Some folks have dabbled into the science on this but it stands that it works for me.  So with that in mind I have been studying listening to a certain kind of music that gets easily stuck in my head and is easy to hum over and over in my head during the exam.

I was wondering if you might sing along to this and send the good vibes my way.

My study buddy and I had the mock test earlier this week and both chose the same two scenarios to challenge each other with, a botched refusal form and a complaint about an esophogeal ET placement, let’s see how well we guessed.

I’ll be recovering later this afternoon and spending tomorrow gathering the call sheet for our next round of A Seat at the Table episodes to be filmed in San Jose, CA in June.  We’re bringing in some industry folks this time to talk about equipment, upcoming conferences and the like, so stay tuned for details on that.

And does anyone else know what on earth Mark and Ted have planned for June 4th in relation to Chronicles?  This image seems to leave a lot of questions unanswered.

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