Hey readers, my study group and I are on the hunt for a reference our Department does not have, yet asks for on the Captain’s Exam.  Kind of.

Long story longer is that the first part of the examination (I’m not giving anything away here, this information is available to all candidates online) will require an investigation into an incident. i.e. a complaint.

Does anyone have a lead on a pre-determined flow chart or framework for conducting such an investigation?

We’ve been going through it pretty straight forward, but if we had something we could memorize and scribble onto the notes as soon as the exam starts we’d do better I think.

Email me at theHappyMedic@gmail.com or by clicking on that little red envelope on the right hand column labeled CONTACT and FOLLOW.

I appreciate anything you may have,


PS – After tomorrow’s 2 rescues and I’ll be Surf Rescue Qualified and way cooler than Mark Glencorse by leaps and now bounds.  HAHA!

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