This is one of my earliest memories of being fascinated with the fire service.  On Saturday mornings the host would sit in a big chair and turn on a projector on a nearby table and play us episode of Our Gang and the Little Rascals.

Turns out the more I learn about the service, the more accurate this video really is.

There is no audio track available on the interwebs machine, but I can still hear each of their voices.

At the beginning the Chief tells them to “go upstairs and snore like real firemen.”

The Chief’s car is slick and fast, the hose cart has a donkey and the pump is pulled by goats.

But the Truck gets a full sized horse.  Figures.

I think every firefighter at some point, even recently, imagined themselves pulling lines from a makeshift pumper and saving the day.

So let’s go back into the 1930s and see what Our Gang can scrap together.  And by the way, there is an edit in these videos.  The “looker out” at the beginning spots the beautiful Ahrens Fox pulling out of the real firehouse a few blocks away and decides to dispatch the gang to the fire station by writing on the paper “Fire at the Fire Station.”

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