FDNY EMS Paramedic Farooq Muhammed, the man behind the Call 911 music video last year has done it again.

This new song, EMS Anthem, was premiered at the FDNY’s 9th annual EMT and Paramedic games to rave reviews from Chief of EMS John Perrugia and Emergency!’s Randy Mantooth, who was on hand at the games.

Being the fanboi that I am I immediately went to Farooq’s facebook page and became a “fan” (liked it).  No less than 30 minutes later he has sent me a friend request and a personal comment thanking me for supporting him.

Nice guy.  I sent him a link to Chronicles and I’d love to get him a Seat at the Table before long.

So please to enjoy another positive voice for EMS – Farooq Muhammed and EMS Anthem.

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