Steve Whitehead’s EMT Spot is the host of the latest edition of the Handover Blog Carnival.  This month’s theme was a moment when things came together, clicked, worked, made sense.  He was kind enough to include your truly and a memory from the old days when a partner I hated proved to be a great caregiver, then went right back to being her normal larger than life self.  head over and read the other great submissions.

In other news, the first part of the test is tomorrow.  Thanks to all of your support, I won’t let you down.  The test might, but I won’t 😉

The San Francisco Paramedic Association, in an attempt to improve bystander CPR in the City, is sponsoring free CPR training on the steps of City Hall on June 1st.  I will be there and hope to bring along the Chronicles cameras to capture such a neat idea.  Happy 50th birthday CPR!

Ambo Driver needs our clicky clicky skills in keeping a bad review of a local vendor in the number one spot on google.  Do your part.  I expect each of you to click the link at least 5 times over the next 24 hours.

And over on Facebook Ms Paramedic mentioned calling her work conveyance the “hamberlance.”  I prefer to call it the Amber Lamps after we watched this video featured on Tosh.0.

Amber Lamps sounds like Mark Glencorse’s Senior Prom Date…no?

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