I’ve hit that point of information saturation in preparation for the Captain’s exam (Part 1) this Saturday.  There is nothing more my tired cranium is going to accept at this point so now it is just finessing some of the finer points.

My study buddy and I have prepared a mock test tomorrow morning, each of us re-creating a sample test as outlined in the exam preparation materials.  From there I’ll know where my weaknesses are in moving information from document A to documents B,C,D and E, which is all this test really is.

The most interesting part will be the 4 ePCR printouts we must review and note errors, omissions or deviations from established protocols.  And the best part? It’s open book.  All reference materials will be provided including Department Regulations, Protocols and sample answer sheets/templates.

A false sense of security I assure you.

So, until the test tomorrow is finished I’m putting my feet up and firing up the new game the girls got me, Lego Indiana Jones.

I’ll update you Friday before the exam.

Thanks for coming by,


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