OK, I would be Geena Davis, which is a whole other round of therapy, but here is one of the better stories from FDIC.

Happy and CK in Indianapolis

Happy and CK in Indianapolis

Mr Chris Kaiser and I had an arrangement.  I had a room, he had a car.  He stays with me and gives me rides.  We’ve all done this kind of thing with friends, and it usually goes just fine, but when you get 2 medics in a car late at night, funny things can happen.

Chris can tell this story better than me since I was nodding off on a regular basis.

It was after 1 AM and we had just left dinner with the FireEMSBlogs guys and were headed out the I-70 to my hotel, the closest I could get in my last minute decision to travel to Indy for the conference.

When our exit wasn’t getting closer, we decided to go for the iphone GPS feature and discovered we were on the wrong highway.  Turning around isn’t something that was considered when they built these concrete roadways back in the day and it was miles and miles until we were able to get going in the right direction.

Or so we thought.

Every time I dozed off (I had left home at 3:30 that morning is my excuse, too excited most likely) I would awake to CK asking to see the map on the iphone which showed us in the opposite direction.

It seems each time CK asked for advise on which way to go, I was asleep and he would make his best assumption, then try to wake me.

50 miles and an hour later we finally found our hotel and checked in, making the room right at 3 AM.

Thank goodness the beds were so comfortable, as you already know I was exhausted tired or knackered as Mark Glencorse would say.

The next morning rolled around and we were impressed by a midwest breakfast spread including biscuits and sausage gravy…mmm,mmm…or CK told me, I don’t eat breakfast.  But their coffee was pretty good.

Then we jumped in the convertible, held hands and drove…wait…TMI.

That’s my version of what happened, minus the country music and the blue light, but maybe Chris can expand on those when he tells his side of the first night at FDIC story.

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