Right smack dab in the middle of my crazy 30 days was an opportunity to come here to Zoll Summit and present the first position argument for EMS 2.0.

As much as it has been pulled apart, scrutinized and criticized, the core message of looking at why we do what we do was very well accepted by the audience here in Denver.  Supervisors, Chiefs, practitioners, designers and marketers all sat down and listened to that crazy blog guy and his UK buddy explain what EMS 2.0 means and why it has a chance to work this time.

Mark did a great job relating social media to the mission of improving EMS and the discussion that followed ended with one of the attendees asking where they could find a “user guide” on how to approach social media policies for departments.  Mark and I shared a “Well, duh…that’s a great idea!” moment and went on.

Soon after our session and the discussion we commandeered the main ballroom and it’s twin 25′ screens to fire up the first episode of the Chronicles.  It was after the last session so not too many folks turned out, but many times it isn’t the quantity, but the quality.

Soon after the show and a quick look at A Seat at the Table (thanks for the reminder Mic Gunderson) we found ourselves face to face with CEO of Zoll Rick Packer, our sponsor.  Fearing a “I never approved this” moment, we were welcomed with a warm smile and a hand shake, followed by a long discussion of the concepts we discussed in the show.

Zoll has been more than gracious in helping us spread the word of EMS 2.0 and Chronicles, even if I should be back in the room studying for the promotional exam.

This week has seen us debating EMS systems allocation with friends, Chris Montera and Steve Witehead to name a few, and sharing the idea of improving EMS.

Later today Mark and I will be attending a networking event where we hope to share the message even more.  Sorry for so few updates, we’re working on it!


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