I’ve decided to try to improve myself and my career track by putting in for the Paramedic Supervisor position at my agency.

In past examinations, information gathered from outside the agency has not proven very helpful in the specifics of the exams, but I’m all for increasing critical thinking skills, as you know.

So I am going to be calling on my most valued resource, you the reader, to help me do just that.

Over the next month, posting here will nearly grind to a halt with so much happening for Chronicles in Denver and Indianapolis, as I have mentioned, but the exam packet will be out soon and I want to study it as much as I can.

And since I know I’ll be finding myself in front of this laptop more often than I should, give me something I need to see.

In the next 3 weeks I’m asking my friends in EMS, especially those of you who serve as supervisors, or have filled that role in the past, to send in problems, situations or questions for me to ponder or consider.  Include your name, or what you want to be called and some basics about your system.  And if you are not a supervisor, but have a situation you think could help, please send it along as well.

As they arrive in the inbox at thehappymedic@gmail.com, I’ll put them up.

That way I can work on critical thinking skills and the rest of you have a month long You Make the Call right along with me.

Whether I comment or not will depend on my free time and whether my answer to your situation will confuse my answer to my agency’s specific requirements for the test.

In a recent suppression promotional exam, agency specifics trumped nationwide practices, so I have to be careful about answering.

After the exam, regular posting should return, but my eldest asked me this morning,

“Daddy, do you have to go see Mark tomorrow or can Happy go instead?”

So get those questions in text and send them over, you are all my study buddies now, like it or not.  I have access to your experience and I plan to take full advantage of it.

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